AAGG Officers

2015-2017 African American Genealogy Group Officers

New officers for the African American Genealogy Group were elected during our June 2015 general meeting.  The officers are:

President   –    Teddi Ashby
Vice-President     –     Robert Neal
Corresponding Secretary    –    Shirley Hunter
Recording Secretary     –     Carlean Mullen
Treasurer     –     Wallace Robinson

Elections for AAGG Officers are held every other June, with members holding two-year terms.  Our most recent election was in June 2015, so our next election for officers will be held in June 2017.

If you are interested in becoming an officer for AAGG in June 2017, we have a nominating process that begins in April of the election year.  Members receive ballots in April and new officers are announced at the June meeting.


2015-2017 AAGG Committee Chairs                                   Ad Hoc Committees (working lists*) – on call

States Group Leaders

  • AL/FL/GA/LA/MS/TX(formerly “States Group 4”) – TBD
  • CA/CT/KY/IL/IN/OH/TN/VT(formerly “States Group 5”) – TBD
  • DC/MD/VA(formerly “States Group 3”) – Diane James and Diane Sheldon
  • DE/NJ/NY/PA(formerly States Group 1″) – Wallace Robinson
  • NC/SC(formerly States Group 2″) – Robert Scott