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7th Annual Genealogy Fair Sponsored by NARA







National Archives & Records Association (NARA) is having their 7th Annual Genealogy Fair from April 20 – 21, 2011 in Washington, DC. This year’s theme, Become Your Family’s Detective will include workshops and exhibits.

[The] two-day program showcases the Federal records located at the National Archives as resources for family history research. Speakers and exhibitors include National Archives staff, historians, and genealogy professionals. The fair provides information and guidance for experienced genealogy professionals and novices alike. 

Reservations are not required and the entire event is open to the public. Also, be sure to check out their presentation, Beginning Your Genealogical Research at NARA (Powerpoint presentation) with over 150+ slides. Download a copy here.

For more information about the Genealogy Fair, visit:

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